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Inside my Head...

There’s a 50% off on all heeled shoes at this certain online shop, as well as a ‘sale’ on my favorite scent of Bath & Body works lotion – warm vanilla sugar. Now I’m so tempted to buy something online…

Heels…I’ve always thought they were pretty…no, I always thought they always look good on any feet, partnered with a set fabulous gams. I always imagined myself wearing one, not that I haven’t worn one at all. Every woman, at least once in her life will get to wear high heels whether they like it or not. In my case, I had no choice. I had to wear a red, strapped, five inch heels for hours for just that one night – yes, it was a beauty contest and I had no choice but to wear those killer heels.

First off, I’m not used to wearing five inch heels. The…

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