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Did Kamal Hasan has Courage to make Film on Real Bhagwa terroristsMr. Kamal hasan who is cursing god that why he made Kaml Hasan a man not woman he wishes to be a female rather than a male and abused many times to god for the same. He tried become a womane many times in his home and even made a film also named Chachi 420 Nowadays he is in news due to a film Vishwaroopam which he made to curse god and his men as he is belongs from a Muslim community the Kamal Hasan have deep love to Kamal (Flower) Political Sign of radical BJP he inspiration from BJP RSS right wings organizations to malign muslims in the same as RSS worked years ago eg: Planting bombs in muslim worship places and blaming muslims wearing topi and other traditional islamic dress and fake beard and mustache to…

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