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Hating on Successful Women

Assorted Timbits

You would think we would admire and respect women who ascend to the top of the corporate ladder. Women have been trying to shatter the glass ceiling for decades. Some argue they have succeeded. Yet in recent weeks women who should be role models have been turned into pariahs.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, industry titans running multi-billion dollar companies, have been crucified in the media as of late. For anyone who is late to the hate-party, Mrs. Mayer has been ridiculed for putting an end to allowing staff to work from home, while Mrs. Sandberg has offended women everywhere by encouraging them to work hard to overcome gender bias.

Let’s start with Mrs. Mayer. Mothers who worked from home while caring for their kid(s) now must pay travel expenses and the cost of daycare. Meanwhile, Mrs. Mayer built a private daycare next to her office…

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