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Driving the Autobahns


After leaving Spa I faced a brief drive over the border into Germany and then a long slog down to Stuttgart.  After sticking rigidly to the speed limits in France and Belgium I was looking forward to the unrestricted Autobahns where I would finally get to see how fast the Jag could go on a public road.  Unfortunately I ended up on some very congested and windy little Autobahns that made running fast difficult, and at times, dangerous. When the weather turned bad and visibility fell matters became even worse.  The Germans are obviously used to driving fast but I can’t believe travelling at 120 mph fifteen foot behind the car in front in the rain is safe or wise. Often I would be flashed to pull over by exotica such as MPVs and diesel Golfs. On one dry straight and empty stretch of autobahn I put my foot down and got the Jag up to 140…

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