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Cars: Move from features based marketing to creating an identity

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Men loves cars and I am no different. For past couple of months my interest in cars grew exponentially and I am loving this. Yesterday something struck me about cars and it’s relationship with their owners. And whatever I am going to share is not new but for me it was kind of Eureka moment for me hence I thought of documenting this.

Car reflects your status symbol and hence marketers position their cars accordingly. And this was precisely the reason why Tata Motors moved away from world’s cheapest car to “Khushiyon ki chabhi”. But what I think this is just one way of looking at the this, in other words it is outside-in perspective. Of-course we buy cars to show others we are capable of buying it and it gives a status symbol. But then we just don’t go and buy any car.

What I am saying the car we…

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