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4 Reasons Why I Am Against Work from Home Policy

Idea, Information and Experience


Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo abolished company’s work from home policy about a month a back and this decision put her in completely different position. Many criticised and few supported this decision and it was later revealed that this decision will affect only 200 of Yahoo full time employees. Though I am not an HR expert, neither I am a high profile consultant to give ‘gyan’ on anything and everything, but as an entrepreneur and once a beneficiary of work from home policy, I think that it is not good for overall organizational health and productivity. Here are my reasons:

1)      Workers tend to put personal priority ahead of professional priority: Once somebody starts working from home, she/he gets extra time to focus on herself/himself than other office going employees. This time is what every employee keeps for reaching to office and preparing their daily strategy. This extra time…

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